our approach

TABARAK is continuously looking for new promising business opportunities to invest in through networking and active internal research.

The team of TABARAK is composed of well-experienced financial professionals, who rigorously analyze the external and internal factors of any potential investment opportunities and determine risk tolerance, ensure that investment opportunities are in line with TABARAK’s investment style and strategy before choosing its investment which will become part of TABARAK’s investment portfolio.

Furthermore, the team cooperates with third-party financial and legal advisors to identify the fair price range of opportunities, optimal capital structure, financing means, negotiations and most importantly, the paths to take to maximize shareholders value.

At TABARAK, we do not examine investment opportunities in isolation but rather look at each investment in terms of total portfolio performance and suitability. We do not restrict our investment choices and are always on board to work with different sectors and with different regions.

We are flexible in negotiating deals and are reasonable in building our expectations. However, we never compromise on the ethical approach to successfully close deals in terms of integrity, honesty and transparency as well as never compromising on one of our main goals which is the development of economies and societies.

TABARAK has a track record in turning around poorly performing companies to success stories by employing effective management teams, raising funds to expand operations and to penetrate new markets.