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Takaful Emarat
Takful Emarat – Insurance PSC
Sector: Insurance
Location: Dubai - UAE
Takaful Emarat is a company incorporated in Dubai, UAE offering a wide range of Sharia compliant insurance products. The company is listed at Dubai Financial Market under the trading symbol ‘Takaful-Em’.

The Company carries out personal and corporate Takaful Insurance activities: Health Insurance, life Insurance and credit and saving insurance in accordance with the Islamic Sharia. The company’s objectives are to promote the concept of Takaful as a genuine Sharia compliant alternate to Insurance, design & promote Takaful products based on emerging needs and modern approach, provide wide range of Life and Health Takaful products to individuals and corporates and achieve the best financial results for participants and shareholders.

The Management of Takaful Emarat is working on expanding the company’s operation and branch out to other GCC nations to benefit from the growing demand of Takaful products.