Eng. Abdullah Atatreh

Engineer Abdulla Atatreh is a graduate of one of the UAE's most reputable Academic Institutions in the year of 2000 with a Bachelor in Civil Engineering and has also earned a Master in Business Administration.

The flexibility and commercial adeptness of Abdulla allows him to successfully transpose his key business skills across a number of economic sectors, resulting in new commercial establishments in the education and energy sectors. Abdulla focuses on sustainable growth and diversification in core sectors of the economy, generating substantial returns on investments while assuming a sense of responsibility to the development of the region as a whole. Abdulla's unwavering commitment to sustainable development can be seen through his continuous efforts to support educational, cultural and industrial events and programs.

Abdulla is currently the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Tabarak Investment where he is responsible for formulating and managing the investment strategy of the company, successfully completing profitable investments and developing and maintaining close relationships with investors and business partners. He is also a shareholder and board member of several companies in the region.